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How do you when you’re in the right relationship with the person you’re meant to be with? There’s sometimes doubt within me that I feel shouldn’t be there. However, there’s affection, there’s care, there’s love, there’s respect and everything seems to be there. So if everything is there why doesn’t it feel fully complete. Happiness, nurture, affection, romance and passion are musts in any relationship. I remember 2 years ago I dreamt of the perfect relationship. Now that I have it, it doesn’t seem to be fully entirely what I expected of it. It’s a responsibility of holding accountability not only for your wants but also the ones of your partner, their feelings as well as your own. It feels amazing having someone there for you to hold you at times when you want nurturing and love. Its amazing when you set up romantic dates and you see their reactions, their love, their eyes meet yours in a moment of happiness.  There’s a satisfaction of meeting another persons needs and they meeting yours. It’s an amazing feeling waking up by their side the next morning. There’s just a whole lot of feelings, thoughts, ideas and questioning going on in my head. 

On the bright side it’s been 5 months <3