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2- Drunken story time. 

Last time I got really drunk was at a club about 2 weeks ago, let’s just say I ended up dancing mexican music with about 6 different people and surprisingly it was mostly girls.

4 - A Fact about the last person you kissed

We’re going on a year of talking & a couple days of being actually together.

6- What your last received text message says:  ”Fill out your application online please”  (My friend and ex manager invited a couple of us to pretty much get a second job at Express so, I’m probably going to work at both Bath & Body Works, Express & The magazine)

27- First ten songs to play on your shuffle

Gentlemen Hall - Sail into the Sun

Ry Cuming - Always Remember Me

M83- Steve McQueen - Alluxe Remix

Florence + The Machine- Breath of Life

Beyonce- 1+1

Ciara - Body Party

Sky Ferreira - Ain’t Your Right 

R. Kelly - Genius

Nero - Guilt

Santigold - Disparate Youth